Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Nearly there!

Wow it's been ages since I posted anything. Well I've got my new orthotics from the podiatrist...they weren't cheap :(

But I think they may be correcting my biomechanics (My messed up legs) so that I can run again! Really looking forward to it actually...already have the first month planned out in my head lol. Going to take it nice and easy and build up from there. I am really hoping these orthotics work effectively...I miss the running too much.

Will update with a map as soon as I am back out there!

Monday, 25 August 2008

A recurring problem

Well I've just got back from Scotland, the lovely Isle of Skye, very lush, lots of ferns and forests.

It doesn't seem as if my knee wants to heal though, so I can foresee all this training being less than nice.

I'm going to wait until the end of the month and then start cycling again as before, though I'll probably do 12-13 miles instead.

Sure I'll have a new map then,

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Half Marathon Training

Well it's been frustrating dipping in and out of running for the month with my knee injury there isn't a lot I can do. I believe it's the ATB ligament, which seems to take forever to heal. I'm running in the Great North Run on October the 5th and need to train fairly hard to keep my stamina up, I was running 9 mile routes, so I decided to put some weights in a bag and train with those on my bike to get my body working as hard as it would in a run. I'm doing this whilst spending some time in the gym to work on the rest of me.

This was my route on Monday the 11th, 5kg weights (Too much for me, need to do half next time) (Felt good though). There and back with a five minute break.